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The Power of Music [Aug. 2nd, 2006|04:34 pm]
[Current Location |work]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |quiet as a mouse]

The Power of Music

When you listen to a song what do you think about? What do you think that artist was thinking when they wrote that song? Where they were at. What they were doing. What stage in their life they were in.

There is always going to be that certain album, song, artist, whatever, that brings you back a special moment you once experienced in your life. When you get married. When you loose your virginity. When some horrible happens, like loosing your virginity. When something good happens, like finding a quarter. Whatever the situation it is the song you are listening to at that very moment will remain in your subconscious. And when by chance, by will, or by pure luck that song is heard years down the line that memory comes back. Whether you wanted to cherish or forget that memory it will never be killed. It remains glue to your brain. It will haunt. Even just thinking about that music or memory there will always be that leash that keeps them together.

The Power of Music

This happen to me today. It brought me back. It made me feel a certain way. A way I didn’t like to feel for some unusual reason. It made me think, have I not broken away from this shell, this web that used to hold me down? Or I thought that use to hold me down. Have I not aged? Have I not educated my mind and thought process? Should I not listen to this song ever again so I don’t feel this way? Should I?

The Power of Music

Expand on what you know or even think you care about. Bring new meaning to each day of your life. Let it facilitate an age of purpose. Education must occur. That new horizon in front of you will never get any closer if you stay in one spot. And the horizon behind you will catch up if you don’t. do not let this happen. You’ve been there. You know what it is like. With age comes grace, and with grace come wisdom, and without wisdom your stuck in one spot. So to you, try something you wouldn’t normally do. Listen to new music. I am not say throw out the old and overused but hunt for something that is true to you. You will find something you like. The world knows more than you do and it is waiting.

The reason the dog chases it tail is because it strives for attention and thats how it gets it.

The Power of Music

Couple of artists to check out
-Murder by Death
-Artic Monkeys
-Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s
-Kiss Kiss

The Power of Music
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season of rain [Jul. 26th, 2006|03:01 pm]
right now it is raining here in kalamazoo. it feels peaceful

i order a jet boil camping stove yesterday. it is big as a nalgene bottle, weighs less than one pound, and boils a cup of water in less than a minute. kick ass.
in addition, my new ten will arrive with in the next few days. once that is here i will be set for the trail.

tyler nate ross and i decide on the great state of maine. baxter national forest. i have been looking at so many web sites about the park and i have come to the conlusion that it is going to be rad.
i want to climb the tallest mountain to baxter peak. Mt. Katahdin, elevation 5297 ft. just barely a mile above sea level.

recently i have been going to meijer or what have you to buy food for making sandwiches. i bought hummus and that stuff is good. there are a whole bunch of types that you can get. currently i am working with tomatoe adn basil but the artichoke and garlic is jsut as good.
food is a passion of mine.
i made these chicken bites marinated in jerk seasoning then grilled and topped with swiss. then i made a spicy dipping sauce. that shit was tasty. i am going to make it for dinner tonight.

the shittiest thing about having to cook is when you forget to thaw somthing out. then you have to sit there and wait for all the ice to melt off under the running water. it sucks.

when at work i usually sit at my computer for about an hour right when i come in then around nine oclock or so i go out to campus and take pictures for about two hours. but in that time at the office i drink about 4 cups of coffee. and this is not good coffee so i feel like i need to drink more to achive the adaquet amount of caffine in order to wake me up. i dont know if you guys are coffee drinkers or not but it seems to me after about the 4th cup my stomach starts to rumble a little. oh when i mean rumble i mean mt. fuji. ....so when i found this out it became some what of a routine. so i started using bathrooms on campus. testing, flushing, inspecting. i have narrowed it down to a couple that i like, where i can have a nice loud shit. the shitter at the office is in this small bathroom whcih lead right to the main hallway. if i shit in there i would have the old guys standing outside of the door taking notes on how to shit properly. well i dont like to shit and tell but there are a few secrets that not ever one knows about.
like how if you have a nasty shit coming on you must find a bathroom that has wheelchair access. those wheelchair stalls are so big. you can just sit back and let it flow unlike a cramped outhouse or something. plus those big stalls usually have those hand rails on the walls for old people standing up and sitting down. those are a must. when your trying to push out that big ass bindage, that colon clog. all you have to do grab hold of those rail adn push baby push.
another thing, if your a tall guy like me you want to find a toilet which comes out of the wall. not the kind we all have in our houses that sit on the floor. the ones that are directly mounted to the wall. they sit higher. its like having a booster seat at the restaurant. it feel like you are on top of your thrown.

i will save the conversation on different types of flushing mehanisms for another day.
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in the midst of summers rage [Jul. 19th, 2006|04:42 pm]
[Current Location |work]
[music |murder by death]

hot.. no not me but the outdoors. Pretty standard for summers infurious mind of its own.

Been a while since the last update. Just cant find the time.

Ahh… had to pay $218 for parking tickets and towing thanks to the wonderful university. I work for the school shouldn’t they give me a parking pass to park there? Just a thought for my oh so little audience to chew on.

This past Monday there was an awesome storm that came through. It was windy and rainy and hot. It felt like something you would read out of a high school short story text book. There was that smell. You know when it is blistering hot all day and big bullfrog size water droplets start falling from the sky (magnolia/pt anderson fans). I love that smell. At night the lighting was on the border of extreme and insane. A transformer blew out down the street and I sat on the porch watching it from a far as it spewed 120 volts from the end of the cable. It was like my little own private light show.

Vermont….leaving in approximately two weeks. Got my pack, water bladder, boots, sleeping sac, sleeping pad, and hammock. Things to get: one man tent, mess kit, small stove, etc.

Music…been at work lately looking at purevolume and my space. Way too many joke bands out there but once you filter through them and get to that one band you think is just kick ass rock, well all I can say is …. It is worth the 3 hours of pure insanity

Well it is 5 and time for me to punch out

Good luck to you my friends
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at last [Apr. 23rd, 2006|11:38 pm]
[Current Location |on a chair]
[music |tool anema, song and album]

i saw nate updating his journal today while watching the red wings game. at the time i was skeptical of still being a part of the "LJ community". now i fell different. i won't look around the room for ideas to write about but, nate thanks for the shed of light.

i get to start working at this new job in a week. i will be an assistant to a project manager. it should be pretty cool going around taking pictures or buildings. the roof, foundation, structural stuff. another plus is that i dont have to be inside all day at a computer or in a hot kitchen behind a fryer or having to deal with any type of customer.

once this job starts to provide me with some cash flow i will be able to save up for going out west. i think that nate, tyler, ross and i are all going. things could change. i dont worry to much if things are set in stone or not until maybe a week away or even a couple of hours before. procrastination at its finest.

i spent roughly $45 on eating out this weekend. thats less than three days. now that i am thinking about it that is way too much. usually it is no more than ten dollars. then agian 4 guys and 100 dollars worth of food usually doesnt last past a week. next year will be different. next year miss K to the LEE will be living with us. it shall be a splended array of fun. thats if she can cook. otherwise it's a trip up north with some rope and shovels in the back. i will probably just lie to your face and tell you we are going to nicks cabin or something; gets em every time.

weather. its nice. could be nicer. will be nicer. things will change. they always do. until then i will continually tell myself that i need to fix te brakes on my bike and not fix them. i need to get a sleeve (i think thats what they are called) for my ipod. so it can be safe when riding around town. that will be perfect because theni can just take a long trip out to the middle of know where ( if you drive 20 minutes in any direction from kalamazoo you hit fields upon fields of cultivated hay) and that would be cool.

whenever i write in this journal i wonder if they, whomever they is, scan the entries. i know it is invasion of privacy and the first amendment but i just trust the government. i bet they scan all entries for words in the same sentence. words like United States, President, Bomb, Kill, Terrorist, Narcotics, WMD's, Osama Bin Laden (still on the hunt, but we got sadam. hell ya go America!!), White House, and Smuggle. i could imagine a group of wurly businessmen sitting around a large conference room somewhere in the pentagon all dressed with their same white button up shirt, red tie and blue suit brainstorming about what words to search for in peoples live journals or blogs. and for what? to protect our freedom and home land security. i dont like thinking about it.

i will leave you with this.
if you could be any album cover what would it be?
mines pink floyd-wish you were here
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tighten it up [Feb. 13th, 2006|12:46 am]
[music |the employment pages]

the day in and day out routine has become boring since coming back form winter break. got to school, work my ass off trying to keep up in school, while juggling social interventions, family matters(oh erkel), and work.

the last two fridays i have had to work and the last tow friday i have called in. after a week of arduous school intervention, working on fridays doesnt seem like it worth $7.09 an hour for three hours of standing around for the pointless.

the more and more i am on campus the more and more i continue to notice all the assholes i live amongst. i feel as though i am one among many robots going to this insitution to learn everything that has already been learned and taught. i dont want to be one of these assholes. i want to expand beyond the realam of known existance, to discover new and intersesting ideas, threoies and beliefs. i dont want to be a robot. i want to be me. now as i type this i think about how many people are typing, writing, saying the same exact thing and it brings us back to the begining. the start of the end. the revolving door of life.

two more long weeks of school before i have one short week of break then it is back to the books. that first saturday we get off i am going to indinapolis of a umphreys concert with jake and blade. for the remander of break i will probably be jumping from muskegon to kalamazoo or vise versa. if anyone wants to do something or just hang out i am always looking for company.

these past two weeks have involved mass amounts of fooseball. i have grown very attached to this game and feel like i am the best but clearly am no where near the point i would like to be. me nate and josh have playing this game alot. josh just got a new fooseball table. this and down the alley from my house at matt and johns is where most of the foosing goes on.

my dad was in the hospital for the majority of the past week. he had pnemona and was hooked up to a breathing machine. the doctors pumped him full of drugs and put him in a comotose typr state for at least 5 or 6 days. i went to see him last friday at the hospital. i hate going to the hospital. it reminds me of my grandmas and grandpas and when i saw my dad it reminded me of those times. i could barely talk to him as he layed there with half a dozen tubes coming from his body, making it cumbersome for him to be comfortable, he would drift in and out of sleep even in mid-sentance. i hate it adn it make me scared. my sister helps him out now at home and tries to make his life easier. i just wish i could be there too.

now is the time to leave.
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just do it. swoosh [Nov. 16th, 2005|11:21 pm]
[music |podcast #12 new years run 2004]

let it fucking snow
missed out on umphreys last night. got sold out but come to find out that i could have gotten in. oh well seen em 5 times before.
finished reading 2001: a space odyssey rather abrutplyy, whatever
lot of homework the next 5 day then i have a nice well deserved break before the killer exams.
almost done i can feel it in my fingertips
other than that back to the books
peace my lads and ladets
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nothing fucking ass holes [Oct. 16th, 2005|05:12 am]
so my ipod ogt stolen
real fucking cute mother foucking asss hole
what the fuack am i supose to do just ask my mom for a new one. yeha right. like there is just an extra $300 laying around.
god this pisses me off. you have no idea. that ipod waas like my child. i used that son of a bitch EVERY DAY.
fuck everyone and everyone else. so go lick your ass.
i hope you fucking can suck ballz bitch!!!!
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possibilities [Oct. 10th, 2005|08:00 pm]
[music |common be]

i am going to bust in with:
friday got out of work killed some sweet cafe food and went home. got there people came over, tyler bill david kahliegh steve, we got soome beer waited around, la di da. went to a party spilled beer all over the floor. shitty music being played. gave direcrtions to the party to some dude i dont know. watched bill show off his skillz. went back to my house people followed. slap boxed bill. he won. then bill and jon s slap boxed. jon was reeeal drunk. he lost. tried to fight some kid. then daves friend wanted the same kid to leave. i dont know. chaos then i went to bed.
saturday woke up me and nate drove to muskegon. picked up ross. drove to manistee. got there in record time. including getting lost. thanks nate. got to the cabinn no one wasw there. found a turtle. started drinking. played a round of thunderstruck. got shitty. listened to tunes. spilled more beer on the floor. went for a late night drunk walk. tyler ripped his jeans. slammed some mcmasters. everything became a blurr. slept in a chair that was pretty comfortable. got up and played some frisbee. then topped everyting off with a bit to eat at the kozy kitchen before driving back home.
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update [Oct. 5th, 2005|02:06 am]
[music |wilco]

school is kicking my ass. once a nuisance always a nuisance. oh well, just a little..longer..

this weekend: on friday tried to find something to do. everyone was in muskegon. got some octoberfest with jake and nate. went to a party later and as i pop open my tall boy in walks the the fucking cops. so they tell every one to leave and all of us went back to sam, justin, and brians house where tehy started to kick out a fence. the hole was for them to cut through derek's back yard. i almost had to go get my axe.
saturday i woke up got some BK and watched the michigan michigan state game. 34-31. then i went back to skeetown for the night. nothing too interesting going on. sunday came back and did homework.

fucking pumped as pump juice for a final hoo rah at the cabin as tyler makes his departure from michigan territory in the vastness that we all know as "the east coast." it takes thousands of young adults a year. usually males between the ages of 18-25. hope the best to you all. soon i will join.
back to the point- cabin+fun+friends=i wish i could be there.

this friday should be a regular drinkathon. i think that tyler, steve, and dave are all comiong down. i would suggest taking an alternate route through GR. like M-11.
until another time.

P.S. halloween party at my house
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stf [Sep. 15th, 2005|01:07 am]
why cant people appreciate where they are at the point in their life and just hold on to that for one moment without bitching about life sucks. the next time anyone feels like a pile of shit because "everything is so wrong" (what ever that means) and your so depressed and sooo stressed out about life, sit down put on your head phones(sounds way better) and put in a great album.
i'll even mention a few: greetings from michigan, how it feels to be something on, white pony, a rush of blood to the head, sea change,13

listen to every song all the way through and while doing so thing about all the other people in the world who are way more fucked up than you are. those people that dont even have the time to think about what a live journal is because their house is under water, or they are in the midst of a fucking war.

just think about it
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